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Toy Defense 2: Classic Tower Defense Strategy GameToy Defense 2: Classic Tower Defense Strategy Game
Melsoft | Games, Strategy, Arcade, Entertainment

This World War 2-themed tower-defence title pits you against plastic foes across a wide variety of locations, including the beaches and forests of Normandy. and the deserts of northern Africa.

app/729003/toy-defense-2-classic-tower-defense-strategy-game@@@@Toy Defense 2: Classic Tower Defense Strategy Game
Stainless Games Ltd | Games, Action, Racing

Carmageddon was originally released back in 1997, though it was subsequently banned due to its over-the-top gory nature. Carmageddon isn't a traditional racing title, you see. In it, you earn points for mowing down grannies and any other helpless pedestrians that are unlucky enough to stumble in front of your vehicle.

Hunger Games: Girl on FireHunger Games: Girl on Fire
Lions Gate Films Inc. | Games, Arcade, Action

Hunger Games: Girl on Fire is an official teaser game for the "movie event of the year", Hunger Games. Your aim in this endless-runner is to eradicate hordes of tracker jackers using your trusty bow and arrow and make your way back home.

app/585061/hunger-games-girl-on-fire@@@@Hunger Games: Girl on Fire
Guess the Movie ?Guess the Movie ?
Jinfra | Games, Trivia, Reference, Word

Do you think you can guess the name of a variety of popular Hollywood movies based solely on a series of simplified posters? If so, this application is for you.

Guess the Movie ? features hundreds of unique posters.

app/331637/guess-the-movie@@@@Guess the Movie ?
Catch the ArkCatch the Ark
PlaySide | Games, Arcade, Action, Entertainment

Catch the Ark follows three extremely colourful animals who've been refused entry to Noah's Ark on account of them being too unique. So, they're left to outrun floods and survive perilous rapids while furiously riding a rickety raft after Noah and his big boat.

app/682069/catch-the-ark@@@@Catch the Ark
Random Heroes 2Random Heroes 2
Ravenous Games Inc. | Games, Action, Adventure

Random Heroes 2 is an action-packed platformer from Ravenous Software, whom you probably know as the creator of the ever-popular League of Evil franchise.

Anyway. In this side-scrolling title, you assume the role of a world-saving hero, pick up a weapon, and battle enemies across 90 stages.

app/726007/random-heroes-2@@@@Random Heroes 2
TinyLegendsÖ Monster CrasherTinyLegendsÖ Monster Crasher
Triniti Interactive Limited | Games, Entertainment, Action, Role Playing
the evil dragon has been AWAKENED. Sound your trumpet as a CALL TO ARMS and get ready for an EPIC challenge. ? ? ? ? ? An evil dragon was sealed in a cavern by a po...
app/732090/tinylegends-monster-crasher@@@@TinyLegendsÖ Monster Crasher
Despicable Me: Minion RushDespicable Me: Minion Rush
Gameloft | Games, Entertainment, Arcade, Family

Jump and fly your way past obstacles and hazards as you attempt to grab bananas, defeat villians, and become the Minion of the Year. That's your aim in this colourful endless-running title from Gameloft.

app/744823/despicable-me-minion-rush@@@@Despicable Me: Minion Rush
Pinterest | Social Networking, Photo & Video

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard that allows you to organise and share all of the favourite things in your life. Y'know, like photographs and inspiring quotes.

You can check out other people's pinboards and browse their interests. You can even comment on anything that tickles your fancy. 

Ubisoft | Games, Racing, Entertainment, Arcade

MotoHeroz is a Trials HD-esque racer that tasks you with jumping behind the wheel of six upgradable vehicles and speeding across 30 hazard-filled landscapes in the shortest time possible.

You can compete against AI-controlled opponents in single-player mode, or fire up your engines and challenge your best buddies to an asynchronous multiplayer race.


Premium apps (because they're worth it!)
The Great Jitters: Pudding PanicThe Great Jitters: Pudding Panic
Games, Puzzle, Action
kunst-stoff GmbH
app/507250/the-great-jitters-pudding-panic@@@@The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic
PokÚdex for iOSPokÚdex for iOS
Reference, Books
The Pokemon Company
app/674770/pokdex-for-ios@@@@PokÚdex for iOS
Games, Adventure, Role Playing
app/473056/zenonia-3@@@@ZENONIA« 3
Angry Birds Star WarsAngry Birds Star Wars
Games, Action, Arcade
Rovio Entertainment Ltd
app/661148/angry-birds-star-wars@@@@Angry Birds Star Wars
Flight ControlFlight Control
Games, Action, Entertainment, Strategy
Electronic Arts
app/125503/flight-control@@@@Flight Control
Where's My Water?Where's My Water?
Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Family
app/541835/wheres-my-water@@@@Where's My Water?
The Journey Down: Chapter OneThe Journey Down: Chapter One
Games, Adventure, Puzzle
app/678208/the-journey-down-chapter-one@@@@The Journey Down: Chapter One
Sentinel 2: Earth DefenseSentinel 2: Earth Defense
Games, Strategy, Entertainment, Action
app/151410/sentinel-2-earth-defense@@@@Sentinel 2: Earth Defense
Sentinel 3: HomeworldSentinel 3: Homeworld
Games, Action, Strategy, Entertainment
app/430669/sentinel-3-homeworld@@@@Sentinel 3: Homeworld

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